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Wessex Taekwondo Association was established in Dorset over 20 years ago.

Over those years many students have trained at the club with many going on to obtain Black Belts. The club has had many students compete in various competitions throughout the years, and have had British Champions. The club currently has students of all ages (ranging from 5 years old to people in their 50's), genders and abilities, including various family groups.

World Taekwondo Federation

The club is part of the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) Your membership provides you with:

  • Membership to the National Governing Body of the Olympic sport of taekwondo in the United Kingdom
  • Membership to the World Taekwondo Federation along with 60 million other members worldwide
  • Annual insurance
  • Access to seminars, courses, competitions and grading’s both locally and nationally
  • The potential to become the next Olympic Champion.

The Instructors

Master John Harrison    6th Dan
Wessex Taekwondo Association was founded over 20 years ago by Master John Harrison, 6th Dan. Master Harrison since 1998 has been The Royal Navy Team Coach and is now the UK Armed Forces Team Coach. John started Taekwondo in 1989 and has been teaching in Poole since 1995 he has taken many of his students to top competitions both in the UK and in Europe collecting many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. In his opinion he now teaches probably the most dedicated team of people in the country with players both at National and International Status along with Students that have represented the National Team on Numerous Occasions. He is both an experienced Coach and Instructor in both the sport and more traditional aspects of Taekwondo.

Cedric Chan   3rd Dan

Cedric has trained with Master Harrison for over 12 years, he has a strong base in Traditional Taekwondo. He works closely with Master Harrison and assists with most sessions that Master Harrison takes. He helps with the Military Taekwondo  when he can and enjoys all aspects of Taekwondo and is a valued asset to Wessex Taekwondo.

Lottie Roberts    3rd Dan
Lottie has been training in Taekwondo for over 17 years from the age of 6 and has been an instructor for over 5 years. She competed in her first WTF tournament in 2001. She has competed in competitions around the country and international tournaments. She had her first fight in juniors at the BTCB British Championships and came away with the gold making her the Junior National Champion in 2006 and has repeated this in 2007, 2008 and 2009 she has also represented her country at both the Junior European Championships and the Junior World Championships.


Melissa Lamb    2nd Dan
Melissa has been training in Taekwondo for over 12 years from the age of 9 and has been an instructor for over 3 years. Initially she got involved in Taekwondo purely for self defense. Melissa has fought in many competitions around the country and in many A class tournaments internationally. She has fought for her country on many occasions and in 2009 she attained the European Junior Bronze medal and was national Champion from 2006 through to 2012.